Fetish What is fetish

What is a fetish? Do you have one?

“Perfection can be a fetish.” – Bernard Leach The mere mention of the word “fantasy” arouses thoughts of threesomes, busty blondes, and role-playing. But “fetish”? That just freaks people some out. The reality is that a fetish is just a specific type of fantasy, and one that more people have than you probably realize. Having…

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Fetish shoe fetish webcam

Shoe fetish – yes or no?

“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.”  Marilyn Monroe Shoe fetish implies finding them attractive by having given sexual qualities to shoes as a matter of sexual preference. But how exactly does it work? FACT: One in five women is more excited by a new pair of shoes…

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Branding and personal websites

In a digital world that becomes more and more overwhelmed with content it is paramount to differentiate yourself from the crowd and build your own image, brand and personal website or websites. In today’s day and age whatever you sell and whatever marketing channels you are using to promote your products it is ultimately the…

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